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Czech Republic

Yearbook 2011

Czech Republic. According to Countryaah official site, a deep crisis in the Czech health care system was revealed at the beginning of the year, when about 3,800 doctors - about one in four in the country - filed the dismissal application in protest of low wages. An average doctor's salary corresponded to about SEK 8,000, and according to the union, a doctor received less after tax than a restaurant waiter. The protest campaign was intended to stop the emigration of doctors who have been going for years.

2011 Czech Republic

The government feared that health care would be paralyzed, and in February a bid was made with salary increases corresponding to approximately SEK 2,000-3,000 per month. The doctors accepted and withdrew their resignations. Although wages were lowered for other public servants to reduce the budget deficit, the government had been forced to submit to doctors' threats. But the plans were fixed on, among other things. pension degradation and tax increases in order to reduce the budget deficit (4.8% in 2010) and reach balance in the budget by 2016.

In August, the first gay parade was held in the capital, Prague, guarded by about 300 police officers. An employee of President Václav Klaus had expressed disdain for the parade and its participants, which led to a support statement for the parade from 13 Western Ambassadors.

In October, Prime Minister Petr Nečas declared that he wants a referendum on the issue of the Czech Republic to introduce the euro. He pointed out that conditions have changed since 2003, when the Czech Republic agreed to both the EU and the future euro. The crisis in the euro zone with extensive support for Greece has now become an important reason to hesitate. In the accession agreement with the EU, the Czech Republic signed a currency union, not a transfer union or a bond union, declared a Czech EU parliamentarian.

Social Democratic opposition leader Bohuslav Sobotka accused the ruling Democratic National Party (ODS) of "attacking the euro zone" to divert attention from domestic problems, as thousands of people protested in Prague against what they perceived as anti-social policies in the form of austerity. According to analysts, a referendum on the euro in the Czech Republic would probably result in a no. because of the problems in the neighboring country and the euro-country Slovakia, where the government has fallen as a result of the euro crisis.

In December, former president Václav Havel, 75, died. The playwright Havel was imprisoned during the communist regime, when he was the foremost figure in the opposition civil rights movement, Charter 77, and the leading voice against oppression throughout Eastern Europe. In 1989, Havel became president of Czechoslovakia and from 1993 in the Czech Republic.

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