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Yearbook 2011

Cameroon. As expected, Paul Biya was re-elected by a good margin in the October presidential election. He received 78% of the vote, while 22 counter-candidates were allowed to share the remaining 22%. The best of them was the successful Social Democratic leader John Fru Ndi, who received 11%.

2011 Cameroon

According to Countryaah-ABCDE, the 78-year-old Biya has led Cameroon since 1982 and was now elected for another seven years. His country is regularly ranked as one of the world's most corrupt, and corruption is considered one of the factors behind Biya's long holding of power. He is accused of playing out the many ethnic groups against each other and, with the help of corruption, splitting the social elite and the political opposition. The divided opposition has created some stability that favored the president on election days.

A domestic investigation in February showed that corruption cost the state equivalent to at least SEK 25 billion between 1998 and 2004. Only illegal logging was said to deprive the Treasury of almost SEK 1.5 billion each year.

According to a law passed in 1996, all senior civil servants are required to publicly report their financial assets, but the law is said to have never been applied.

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