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Yearbook 2011

Bhutan. At the suggestion of Bhutan, the UN General Assembly voted in July for a resolution aimed at making happiness a measure of development, just as it is in Bhutan. It was Bhutan's former king, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, who introduced the concept of "gross national happiness" in the 1970s, as he believed that development should not only be measured in the traditional economic measures that are reflected in the gross domestic product (GDP) but that mental welfare must also be taken into account. According to Countryaah official site, the resolution calls on the UN Member States to find their own measure of happiness that can be included in the UN development program.

2011 Bhutan

In October, 31-year-old King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk married a 21-year-old woman of the people, student Jetsun Pema. The wedding ceremony was performed according to ancient Buddhist tradition in a monastery fortress dating from the 17th century in the ancient capital of Bhutan Punakha. No foreign royals and heads of state were invited because the royal family wanted the wedding to be a matter for the family and Bhutan people. The wedding was broadcast live on TV and watched by thousands of Bhutanese.

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