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Yearbook 2011

Austria. A mass grave was found in connection with construction work at an old mental hospital in Hall in Tyrol in January. Excavations later found the remains of over 200 people murdered during the Nazi era. Many showed signs of severe injuries that they believed were inflicted on the hospital.

2011 Austria

The Finance Minister and the leader of the conservative government party ÍVP, Josef Pr÷ll, resigned in April after suffering a blood clot in his lung. Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger took over as party leader for the ÍVP and thus also the post of Vice Chancellor. New Minister of Finance became former Minister of the Interior Maria Fekter. The ÍVP, which ruled in a coalition with the Social Democratic SPÍ, wrestled with record low opinion figures around 20%.

According to Countryaah official site, Austria-Hungary's last crown prince Otto von Habsburg died in July, aged 98, in his home in Germany. He received an imperial state burial in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, which attracted some criticism because he had never had any political assignment for Austria. The young Otto fled with his family when the double monarchy collapsed after the end of the First World War. He became a deputy to the throne when his father died in 1922. Only when he gave up his claims to the throne in 1961 was he allowed to visit the country of birth. Otto von Habsburg was known as an early advocate of European integration and was a German Member of the European Parliament for two decades. According to an imperial tradition, his heart was buried separately, in a Benedictine monastery in Hungary.

A new incest case shook the country when an 80-year-old man in August was reported to have held two daughters locked up for 41 years and subjected them to rape and assault. The mother, who died three years earlier, must also have been beaten. The man was arrested since the daughters contacted the social services when he was injured on the floor for two days without being able to get up. The case brought to mind Fritzl, the man who in 2009 was sentenced to life imprisonment for having kept a daughter incarcerated for 24 years and becoming the father of seven children she gave birth to.

An Arnold Schwarzenegger museum was officially inaugurated in October in the house in the village of Thal, on the outskirts of Graz, where the bodybuilder, Hollywood star and former California governor was born in 1947. Schwarzenegger himself attended the inauguration.

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